When should I consider calling an electrician?

When any electrical issues presents it's self you're not comfortable repairing yourself.

Why would I need a new electrical circuit?

Because you've added something that overloads your existing circuit.

What do I do if my circuit keeps overloading?

Call an electrician.

I have too many power strips behind my entertainment center and want to reduce the clutter. How can an Electrician help me?

We can add outlets behind your TV, we can install quad outlets, call for a consultation.

Do you install ceiling fans?


Can you change an existing switch to a dimmer switch?


Why is a breaker in my panel feel hot to touch?

There are many reasons this could happen. Your circuit could be overloaded, your breaker could be going bad, your circuit could be improperly grounded. You should call an electrician immediately.

How can I tell when an electrical outlet is not safe or needs to be replaced?

If it's hot to the touch or anything abnormal is now happening.